Great Google positions, don’t happen overnight

If we told you we can guarantee you to sit at position #1 for all of your keywords, it would sound too good to be true, right?

The fact is, it’s not that easy and requires a long term strategy. The good news is that there are still a lot of websites that have not grasped the importance of SEO.

Even those that have tried to implement some SEO practices have only done the very basics, and the very tip of the iceberg.

“Google uses over 200 different ranking factors in their algorithm”

Brian Dean – Backlinko

A forever evolving, SEO Labrinth!

Every business has a big list of things to keep on top of, and monitoring the regular changes to the Google algorithm is usually not one you have the time for.

What you do know inside out, is how your industry works, and what your goals are as a company. Your industry knowledge plus our digital skills make the perfect partnership for success.

Organic SEO V’S Paid Search

Where should I be spending my marketing budget?

Knowing where to spend your marketing budget can be difficult, so we have laid out the short & long term benefits of natural search listings v’s paid search engine marketing.

Organic SEO

This is traffic that comes via finding your link in the search results. The most relevant and optimised pages appear first on page 1.

  • There is no cost for clicks on your link.
  • People often bypass the ads, so if you focus on boosting your natural listing, you will get a lot of people hitting your website.
  • The highest spenders are more likely to turn to organic search for information
  • It’s a great long term strategy; as competition rises, so does the cost per click. If you rely too heavily on ads, it may some point become unviable.
  • There are no instant results, you have to often wait a few months to see the benefits.
  • Your industry might be too competitive.
  • There can be huge costs for big agencies to manage this, luckily we are here to fill the gap between large corporate agency costs and one-man bands with little experience. We’re here to support you not to charge the earth!

Paid Search

This is the adverts that appear at the top of the search results when you type in a keyword or phrase.

  • This provides instant traffic to your website.
  • Customers will get to know your brand quickly.
  • You can target your ads to customers in a certain location.
  • There can be high costs for each click.
  • If you don’t know what you are doing, you can easily waste money on irrelevant clicks.
  • This is a short term plan and can kill a business if Google changed their pricing.
  • There is a feeling of distrust from many consumers with paid adverts.

Ribble Digital are here for the long haul

We don’t claim to guarantee position #1 for all of your keywords, because in SEO, there are no guarantees. What we can be sure of, is that we are an honest and reliable company, and thrive on the success of our clients.

If we think your goal or industry is too competitive, or your budget is too small to make a difference, we will be open and tell you where your money could be best spent for a return on investment, even if that is not with us.

We have built Ribble Digital on long term working relationships with our clients and making sure that the services provide real value. If you are based in Lancashire or surrounding areas, pop in for a coffee and see how we can help.

What can we say about, Emily and Ribble Digital apart from what a lovely and professional business to work with! We honestly can’t thank the team enough!
Robin Kershaw – Director at DFC