Project Overview

The Spread Eagle Mellor are an extremely popular restaurant in the heart of Lancashire. It has been a few years since they last updated the website, and with their commitment to keeping fresh and current in all they do, approached us to create their new design. Along with the obvious delicious food and great service, the restaurant has a strong appeal in their beautiful building and location, with views across the Ribble Valley. We wanted to make sure this came across in the design, whilst also making sure we kept with the pink and purple colours of their recognised brand.

Website Design

Modern, sophisticated WordPress design with bespoke illustrations.

Web Development

Integrated online restaurant bookings, downloadable PDF menus, Instagram feed & gift vouchers.

Custom Illustrations

To bring the website to life, we commissioned bespoke illustrations from a local artist Sarah Docker. We love to collaborate and support other local businesses, so this was a great opportunity to bring in an external talent. We came up with a brief, and then used the illustrations to create a beautiful design with both aesthetic appeal and usability.

The bespoke artistry included the restaurant itself, a popular dish from the menu, a popular cocktail and gift card along with flowers to depict the scenic, floral surrounding of the location.

Downloadable Menus

One of the main reasons that customers visit a website for a restaurant is to view their delicious menus. This is why this page was extremely important. We sourced striking imagery, and added the function to download or view the PDF menus.

The Spread Eagle Menus

Opening Hours & Instagram Feed

The service hours displayed on the old website were not very responsive on a mobile device and were hidden away at the bottom of the website. Now the hours are clearly displayed on the restaurant information page.

The Spread Eagle are becoming more active on social media, especially Instagram, so we added a feed at the bottom of the page to encourage more interaction from customers.

Opening Times Page Design

Bespoke Poster Design

The current event poster didn’t fit with the new design theme, so we recreated this so that it fit with the website when uploaded. The staff at The Spread Eagle can easily upload their poster each month.

Event Poster

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