Project Overview

Camilla Ainsworth, finalist of The Apprentice 2018 is the owner of an amazing nut milk brand, Mylk Plus. Camilla was looking to collaborate with a designer to create a series of engaging, animated Instagram stories and graphics to stand out in a crowded social media platform. The Mylk Plus brand is very strong with the vibrant pink and ‘Sassy’ vibe. Each graphic had to be immediately recognisable and appealing to the target audience.  Ribble Digital were up to the challenge!

Camilla Ainsworth - Mylk Plus

We are SO particular with who we trust to bring our visions to life but we can safely say that Emily from Ribble Digital just ‘gets it!” Highly recommend. #hardworkdeservesrecognition
Camilla Ainsworth – Apprentice Finalist & Founder of Mylk Plus

Mylk Plus

New Flavour Launch

Mylk Plus launched a brand new flavour earlier this year, Strawberry Cheesecake Cashew. We were asked to create a campaign of Instagram graphics with eye-catching animation to build up the excitement for the new flavour launch. We got creative with imagery, animating a clock featuring the logo instead of the numbers. We also loved the image of Camilla holding the new bottle so used this with a cheeky question mark shaking over that part of the image. There was a build up over 3 days with a custom graphic for each. It’s safe to say it definitely built up tension and customers couldn’t wait for the announcement!

Holland & Barrett and Easter Promotions

As an entrepreneur with never ending ideas, Camilla created a marketing plan to promote the successful addition of Holland and Barrett stores as a supplier of Mylk Plus. We created a series of animation to use on their Insta Grid and Insta Stories. We also created a bonus Easter graphic with a creative spin on the egg, a nut-egg!